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I own a quill and a pointy hat, so obviously I'm MAGIC!

Name: Georgia Michael

Occupation: Urh... Undercover clown.

Special Subject: BBC Merlin and 7 episodes of The Poddington Peas

That's right, Poddington Peas, I am truly le geek extrodinaire! But in all seriousness, hullo! I'm Georgia and I am indeed a fandom geek which means most - if not all - of my livejournal posts are something to do with a fandom, don't judge me I have no life.

I tend to write mostly for BBC Merlin which I am happy to say I'm obsessed with (and you would be too if you saw Colin's ears) but sometimes I dabble in other places such as X-Men, Harry Potter, and Torchwood (though... so far most of these were crossovers with Merlin ^_^).

My best LJ buddies in the world are stand_december and draig_glas, the two nicest and funniest people I've ever met! Do go to their journals if you get a chance because their posts are actually good! ^_^

If I could wish for anything, anything at all (and this is a ME wish not end world hunger etc because obviously they're more important), it would be to have a party with my best lj buddies and the entire cast of Merlin... then maybe a small after party with just me, Colin, Bradley, and a camera. XD

Finally I would love to make loads of friends on here but proper friends, friends who will keep talking to me several months down the line.

Georgia M xx